Q: What are the Waterford Boundaries?

A: The Waterford property is bound by the Cherokee Golf Course, Wilderness Parkway, Steve Tate Highway, and a parcel of privately-owned property.

Q: When did Waterford become a Big Canoe neighborhood?

A: On May 5, 2001 Big Canoe Company, LLC, (BCC), the Big Canoe Property Owners Association, Inc. (POA), and Waterford Mountain Properties, LP (WMP) signed an “Annexation Agreement”(AA) to bring WMP into Big Canoe. A subsequent vote by members of the POA approved annexation into Big Canoe.

Q: Are there limits on development in Waterford?

A: In addition to a requirement in the Waterford limited family trust there is also a requirement in the Annexation Agreement limiting the development density to 160 residential lots with no more that 5 new residential lots sold each year.

Q: Do Waterford property owners pay Association fees?

A: Waterford property owners pay the same fees as all other property owners in Big Canoe. Waterford is a part of Big Canoe.

Q: Is there architectural control in Waterford?

A: Annexed portions of the Waterford Property are subject to the general architectural requirements of the General Declaration and the Class A Covenants. The following apply to Waterford homes:

  1. circular driveways and 2 curb cuts per lot are permitted
  2. window grilles are permitted to be removable and mounted on the interior face of the window
  3. concrete driveways if stained black in accordance with BCC guidelines
  4. minimum heated living space of the homes is 2200 sq ft, with a minimum of 1500 sq ft on the entry level

Q: Is fishing allowed in Waterford Lakes?

A: The lakes have been stocked for fishing by WMP and will be available for all POA members. WMP reserves the right to withdraw water from the lakes in the event of a fire or other emergency water needs.

Q: What is the source of water for Waterford?

A: Five lots in Waterford will be supplied water by the Big Canoe Utilities Company. All other lots have municipal water from Pickens County.

Q: What is Waterford’s fire rating for insurance?

A: Waterford has exactly the same rating as Big Canoe’s ISO 5 rating. A water line to the Big Canoe Utilities Company dedicated solely to fire protection has been installed.

Q: Can the Waterford property be sold?

A: If the Waterford property is sold, the sale would not affect the property owners currently living in Waterford or the land that was annexed in the current tract or phase