About Waterford

Waterford is a Big Canoe neighborhood; residents living there are subject to the same covenants and restrictions as any other resident of Big Canoe. Tract I was annexed into Big Canoe in 2001 and been developed by Ken Rice. There are five tracts that will be annexed within the next 20 years. When all tracts are annexed, the total number of lots cannot exceed 160. Not more than five lots can be sold per year however, this number is cumulative. There are two lakes, Blackwell Spring Lake and Toad’s Pond , and many hiking trails some of which have yet to be fully developed. The lakes which are stocked with bass, bream, and catfish have been ready for fishing since the spring of 2004.

Waterford was many years in the planning stages and the Georgia Fish and Game Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, Cranston and Robertson, the Department of Natural Resources, Gallagher and Associates, and others helped in the development stages. For those of you that have had the opportunity to hike the trails around the lake which were constructed by Woodland Gardens under the supervision of Cynthia Hendry have enjoyed the beautiful and unique collection of flowers and plants. Mountain laurel borders both sides of Toad’s Pond and Cynthia has planted yellow iris along the banks.

For a leisurely hike try the path around Toad’s Pond or extend your hike by continuing up Heart Attack Hill and around Blackwell Spring Lake. As you come up the hill to the upper dam, you will see an arched bridge, Hammondtree Bridge named for the builder Charles Hammondtree. You must continue your hike around the bridge. In the background McElroy Mountain is visible. Wildlife is plentiful around and in both lakes including frogs, salamanders, deer, turkeys, an occasional bear and waterfowl. The hiking experience will become a welcome escape from your busy schedule.